We implement complex technologies and workflows to and

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    A suite of fast, scalable, robust AI/NLP engines that have been designed, built, and trained to specifically support the needs of our pharmaceutical clients.


    Enterprise-level capabilities, ready to go straight out-of-the-box, configurable to the requirements of each team.


    Customised specifically for the data & analytics needs of our pharmaceutical clients in medical affairs, field medicine, and commercial teams.


    ·Evaluation and testing by our medical team ensures the integrity and accuracy of every engine for every application.

And much more.


  • Entity Identification & Extraction
  • Keyword Extraction
  • Article Extraction
  • Drug & Molecule Identification
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Topic Modelling
  • Medical Lexicon & Hierarchy
  • Semantic Search
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Document Summarisation
  • Image Recognition & Processing


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  • 02


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  • 01 / INSIGHTS

    • Analyse medical affairs and field medicine insights to identify and tag entities including drugs, chemicals, trials, patient groups, and much more
    • Instantly identify trends and cluster which would otherwise be virtually impossible for a user to see given the massive data coming in as insights
    • Generate quantitative analysis to illustrate sentiment by groups of doctors
    • Summarise group insights to create scannable summaries
    • Extract key themes and topics from insights to enable analysis based not just on keywords, but key themes
    • Automatically categorise insights into predefined buckets that you create
    • Extract insights and other key data automatically from advisory board minutes
    • Integrate insights from multiple sources (MSL field medicine, medical affairs, KOL interactions, congress observations, patient information, medical information, advisory board outputs, market research, KOL published output, social media) into a single insight data lake
  • 02 / KOLs

    • Identify KOLs based not just on level of activity, but instead on specific topics and themes based on a machine-led analysis of the work
    • Find similar KOLs using pattern matching and other engines to increase sensitivity and specificity
    • Analyse social media output of all your KOLs en-masse with instant real-time insights on topics, themes, drugs, sentiment, and much more
    • Identify networks and clusters within TA topics and subtopics based on activity and collaborations
    • Identify the reach of an expert in the context of a wider group to help you instantly find the 20% you need to engage with to reach the other 80%
    • Create a profile of a KOL that goes way beyond just activity they have done, by getting a visual and layered snapshot of their clinical content focus.

    • Imagine taking thousands of publication abstracts and congress abstracts in your therapy area, and throwing a mass of innovative NLP/AI technology at it
    • See the publication plan of your competitors in action
    • Visualise publication and congress activity on key topics, messages, trials, patient groups, and much more
    • Instantly assess the share-of-voice of a product, author, or message, not just based on level of activity but on content
    • Track and monitor the evolution of competitor publication output through automated analysis of abstract content

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