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  • KOL Management

    By: Miriam EllisJuly 21, 2022

    Developing An Integrated End-To-End / Contract-To-Pay HCP Workflow

    Developing an integrated E2E / C2P HCP management workflow has tremendous benefits - dramatically increase efficiency, decrease risk, reduce costs, and seriously improve governance.

    Creating an effective, streamlined, and compliant HCP management process is challenging and complicated.

    Our presentation addresses all the important variables and workflows to consider when developing an end-to-end process – creating events, budgets, needs assessment, approvals, HCP selection, HCP approvals, HCP screening, conflict management, cross-border transactions, contracting, FMV data, CAPS management, privacy consent management, execution, event close management, expense management, HCP payments, financial integration, transparency reporting, and much more!

    If you are unable to access the webinar, please do contact us for a summary.