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    By: Miriam EllisJuly 21, 2022

    Ensuring A Zero-Risk Data Privacy Environment When Capturing Medical Insights

    When capturing medical and field insights you have to comply with numerous regulations relevant to the world of data privacy – a challenge often compounded by the many different variables about insight capture.

    For example:

    • What is the source of the insight? Whether your insights are captured from a pre-planned Advisory Board or an impromptu discussion between an MSL and a KOL at a Congress can impact how you treat both the insight and the details about the HCP(s) from where the insights were gained.
    • What is the MSL location? Countries, regions, and even states, have their own data privacy requirements which can apply to the process of capturing insights generated from medical affairs and field medicine activities and interactions.
    • What is the KOL location? Consider the following (especially European) scenario where an MSL or Medical Affairs professional may, as part of their normal working day, interact and speak to different KOLs in different countries. And each country may warrant a different data privacy journey in the context of insights collected from those KOLs resident in that country.
    • What was the context of capture? For example, did the insight you want to capture into your insights platform come from an observation of a Q&A session after a KOL podium presentation, or did the insight come from a pre-planned 1-to-1 interaction with a KOL?
    • What is your corporate compliance policy around all the components of medical insight capture? It’s not at all uncommon for us to find that two clients of similar size and scope, headquartered in the same country, will have different interpretations of legal and regulatory facets. For example, one may freely allow the capture of the name of the KOL associated with an insight, and the other may deem this an absolute no-go under any circumstances.

    Any technology solution to capture and manage your medical insights must account for all such situations – in fact, ideally such controls should be baked into the platform right from the very start.

    With such capabilities built-in, our X-Fly platform enables each team (and even user, if needed) to have their own pre-configured workflow that considers their country, local regulations, KOL location, and your organisational requirements on what can and cannot be captured in the context of medical insights.

    X-Fly will then automatically guide the user through the right compliant workflow based on all the above parameters. And if for some unexpected or unplanned reason a user wants to deviate from the pre-defined insight capture workflow, they can go through a separate, tracked approval process to request an exemption.

    Taken together, such X-Fly features can help you create an effective, organisation-wide insights management process with compliance at its heart and help ensure a zero-risk environment for all stakeholders.

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