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    Integrating An Efficient ‘Review & Approve’ Process In The Insights Workflow

    We’ve encountered several situations where our clients want to screen, review, and approve field insights before they go “live” and become available for all to see, analyze, and action.


    For new MSLs, at least for the first few months, you may want all insights submitted by the MSLs to be first reviewed by their manager. The manager/reviewer should be able to quickly provide feedback to the submitter, and even guidance on how to improve the insight they have submitted. The MSL should then be able to modify the original insight and send it for final approval, after which it goes live. Creating this real-time feedback loop enables the MSL to ensure that the insights they capture are in line with your internal guidance on “what makes a good insight”. It also provides a simple, yet effective ‘continuous training’ pathway ingrained into the insight management process.


    Country/National field medicine teams may capture many insights which are relevant only to their national strategy and market. This may reflect the life-cycle phase of the product in that market or even the specific nuances of that country. An end result of this is that not every insight is relevant to those outside of that country. The country/national team may therefore want to review the insights they have collected, and only mark certain ones for escalation to the regional or global team. In situations where multiple insights essentially communicate the same issue, the local team may want to just escalate a single ‘summary’ insight that best encapsulates the issue at hand.


    For many reasons, an organization may require manual review and approval of all insights that contain any free text before the insight goes live. And this requirement may exist regardless of whether that text is captured unprompted or within a survey that contained a free text option.

    In all the above cases, the need for manual review and approval adds an additional step in the insights management workflow. But, if integrated tightly and efficiently into the insights process, these steps should not be seen as a hindrance, but as opportunities. An opportunity to continually train MSL’s to improve the quality of insights they bring in; an opportunity to keep national MSLs teams connected and enhance the way that country insights can contribute to global strategic decisions; an opportunity to pursue a zero-risk environment in the context of compliance and other regulatory requirements.

    From automatically porting submitted insights to the right manager for approval, to creating a dedicated holding area where managers can conduct a QC review and rapidly approve, reject, or query an insight before it goes live – our X-Fly insights management platform comes ready-made with a host of features that enable you to quickly and efficiently integrate a “review & approve” process into your insights management workflow, should you ever need to.

    Insights are a goldmine of knowledge and X-Fly can help you approve and mine that gold every single day!

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