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    Integrating Omni-channel Insights Into A Single World View

    Omni-channel makes perfect sense – maximising the right communication through the right channels to the right HCP’s at the right time.

    But in an omni-channel strategy, reaching out through multiple channels for communication and HCP engagement based on their preferences and needs is only one side of the coin. Because omni-channel it’s also about opening new channels from which to collect insights and bring them back into the organisation. An effective omni-channel strategy should therefore consider both sides of the coin and maximise each new channel of communication and engagement to create a bidirectional flow of communications going out and insights coming in.

    In the execution of such a strategy, insights, whether captured from face-to-face field interactions, digital channels, social media engagement, congress conversations, market research, HEOR, competitive intelligence, medical information interactions, virtual advisory boards, or even comments posted on a video seminar are all a goldmine of knowledge – but true power lies in being able to capture, analyse, and extract meaning from all of them as a whole.

    Each channel has its own opportunities and nuances when thinking about capturing and integrating insights. Taking “Medical Information” (MI) as an example, a level of insight can be obtained from transaction metrics e.g. an increase in queries on a specific topic or multiple requests for specific information, can all equate to the presence of an underlying insight worth exploring. But at another level, extracting insights from actual MI conversations and text records is equally important. And only by considering both these inputs can you truly maximise the value of insights from MI.

    Some channels require additional care and attention, especially from the compliance and privacy perspective, due to the nature of the interaction – insights gathered from patients and caregivers is such an example.

    Inevitably, implementing an omni-channel insight strategy will also generate a large amount of data from multiple channels, and not all of those will be insights that provide important, knowledge-changing, potentially actionable nuggets of truth. Differentiating and identifying true insights from the mass of observations is another component that must be considered as part of your omni-channel programme. Gathering data from social media channels and communities is often cited as an example of such a situation where true insights lie hidden in an enormous haystack of observations, commentary, and useful knowledge.

    Finally, given the challenges of each channel and the mass of potential data as illustrated above, the use of artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies in conjunction with human assessment is the only way that an effective and integrated omni-channel insight program can be implemented.

    Our X-Fly insights management platform helps you not only capture insights from all these different sources into a single repository, but also helps you review, analyse, and report on all insights seen as a whole. X-Fly is designed to help you look at insights in a channel-agnostic manner and ensure that your most important insights are reviewed, escalated, and most importantly, actioned to their full potential – irrespective of channel.

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