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    Maximizing Insight Capture & Analysis At Congress Events

    In terms of insights, congresses are unique for several reasons – impromptu interactions with experts, rapidity of engagements, insights from multiple sources including podium observations, posters, etc., all bound up with the energy of a good congress!

    And not all of these are formal ‘CRM-recordable’ interactions, like say a pre-arranged interaction with a KOL, yet they all generate valuable insights.

    But how do you ensure that all of this flows smoothly? How do you ensure that all the people in your team can capture insights quickly and easily, that they are labelled and tagged correctly, and that they can be shared and analyzed instantly without much effort?

    To achieve all this, your system and process for insights management at congresses should at the very least have the following capabilities:

    • Quickly and easily capture insights as soon as they are encountered, regardless of source or interaction type
    • Capture insights from posters and abstracts i.e. in the absence of an actual expert interaction
    • Automatically tag and label insights, assigning them to the congress (for rapid collation and analysis)
    • Real-time tracking and analysis so that everyone at the congress can keep an eye on insights as soon as they come in
    • One-click report generation to enable rapid reporting and discussion (no need to wait for someone to collate everything at the end and then send out a PowerPoint)

    But a focus on simplicity and speed, essential at a congress, does not mean sacrificing other important functionality. For example, the ability to group similar insights together, or prioritize important insights from the congress for escalation and action.

    The X-Fly insights management platform has features designed specifically to facilitate inside gathering and analysis at a congress. Live reporting, real-time analytics, speech-to-text (simply dictate your insight into your phone), and even an “off-line” mode to help combat the nuances of congress Wi-Fi.

    Congresses are a gold mine of insights, and an efficient process and platform can help you mine that gold with gusto!

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