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    The Hidden Layers Of KOL Management

    From the Medical Affairs perspective, the key drivers of good KOL management are obvious – scientific collaboration with the right people through the right activities aligned with the right strategic objectives.

    But there is also a lot that needs to go on ‘behind the scenes’ to successfully execute your KOL & HCP interactions and fulfil all your strategic and tactical needs.

    For example, planning an activity with a group of KOLs may involve justifying rationale for the engagement, selecting the right experts in a compliant manner, checking time limitations for each expert, obtaining approvals for the engagement, completing any cross-border mandates, executing digitised contracts, managing FMV, managing CAPS, ensuring data privacy, ensuring service completion, and ultimately even paying KOL invoices.

    (And each of the steps above will no doubt have multiple sub-steps. For example, ‘justifying rationale’ itself may require a full needs assessment, internal approval, and many further tasks depending on the type of activity and the sort of KOLs you plan to engage with.)

    What should also be apparent from the above is that even though it’s a ‘Medical Affairs’ engagement, people from several other functions will need to be involved including contracting, legal, compliance, audit, and finance – each with their own role in ensuring your engagement is smooth and successful.

    Finally, let’s not forget the one constant throughout all this – the KOL themselves! Not only will you need to know information about them (scientific suitability for engagement, availability, collaboration preferences, travel preferences, consulting caps, and any potential conflicts they may have with you), you’ll also want to make it as easy as possible for them to engage with your organisation.

    Putting all of the above together, it’s clear that successful KOL engagement is a multilayered, multifunctional endeavour that requires many moving parts to work seamlessly together.

    Our Superfly KOL management platform is designed precisely as a multifunctional, multilayered solution that every stakeholder in every function involved in the KOL engagement process can use to ensure their ‘piece of the puzzle’ is executed and implemented in the most efficient manner possible; right down to even the KOL/HCP, who you can involve through the dedicated HCP portal function to collaborate with you right from the start.

    Effective KOL management is about collaborating with the right people, through the right activities, in the right way. But as is evident from the above, it’s also about ensuring a robust, efficient, compliant process that helps you focus more on meeting your strategic goals, and less on the mechanics of getting there.

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