KOL Mapping

Firefly is not a generic syndicated KOL database. It’s a strategic asset designed, built, and created for just one brand – yours. Integrating multiple research methodologies and data sources to give you a coherent picture of the entire KOL landscape, Firefly enables you to identify, map, and validate your KOLs with unparalleled accuracy and precision.


[Our] teams will definitely find this very useful and, for me, this is a best practice example of how we map our experts and make things easy for the organisation to access the information. Super work.Global Medical Head (Ophthalmology) - a top 5 Pharma company

KOL Management

Superfly is an awesome KOL management platform engineered with just one purpose — to help you execute every single step of the KOL/HCP management cycle, from beginning to end, from contract-to-pay. With efficiency, efficacy, and unbridled joy.


Superfly's look and UX makes me feel like it was designed by Apple - it's so easy to use, I love it.Global Medical Affairs - a top 10 Pharma company

KOL insights

X-Fly is the most comprehensive, complete, and compliant insights management platform there is. Period. Capture, triage, prioritise, escalate, analyse, report, and act on insights captured from any source – field MSL, medical affairs, medical information, advisory boards, social media.


X-Fly has completely transformed our entire field medical excellence program from the ground up. From training MSLs on the right way to collect insights, analysing trends from recent conversations, and reporting it up the chain to senior management - I can't recommend it more! Global Medical Affairs - a top 10 Pharma company

KOL engagement

SkyBoard is our incredible virtual advisory board platform that enables you to combine synchronous and asynchronous elements in any combination — live video, surveys, co-creation, breakout rooms, polls, collaborative whiteboards, discussion forums, and much more — to experience the next generation of the virtual advisory board.


SkyBoard is really simple to use, and a very customisable platform, and the digital solutions team are incredibly helpful and efficient in responding to any queries. We have now used the platform successfully for several advisory boards with more planned!Global Medical Lead, a top 3 Pharma company


Digital KOL identification, analytics, segmentation, phenotyping, mindset, monitoring, and landscape mapping – all though one highly curated, totally healthcare-focused platform that gives you the signal without the noise.

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This is our first foray into the world of digital opinion leaders and the team were incredibly supportive with their guidance and management over the whole project - thank you!International Marketing Lead, a medical device company